Easing the Ex-perience.

About Us

The idea of Parenting Together came about from a divorced father who wanted a more reliable way to communicate with his ex-wife, a documented way to track their children's expenses, and a centralized place to view and manage their busy appointment and parenting time schedules - all for a reasonable price. All of this had to be tracked for accuracy as well.

What We Offer

Parenting Together helps divorced or separated parents manage and exchange information related to child care and joint custody issues in a secure, objective and easy-to-use website.

We give children, family members and other caregivers a central location to see what's on the kids' calendar, get updates to schedule changes, manage expenses, and view vital school, medical or other essential information, as needed, without talking on the phone or sending email.

While our system works best when both parents participate jointly, divorce professionals encourage their clients to use our service, even if the other parent does not. We provide a neutral place to share and accurately record your communication, expenses and schedules. This can be especially helpful in high conflict parenting situations.

What You Need To Do

  1. Register your user information.
  2. You are ready to begin using the system!

Contact us for more information at: support@parentingtogether.net